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Franceschi Microscopy & Imaging Center Franceschi Microscopy & Imaging Center

Welcome to the FMIC


The Franceschi Microscopy and Imaging Center (FMIC) is a research and educational facility for the imaging and ultrastructural study of biological and non-biological materials. It is a centralized facility available to all WSU researchers and students. The FMIC provides electron microscopy and light microscopy equipment for observation and analysis of a diverse array of specimens.

The FMIC currently maintains one TEM, three SEMs, two confocal microscopes, a fluorescence microscope, and various light microscopes. All necessary ancillary equipment such as a high pressure freezer, auto freeze sub, two ultramicrotomes, and sputter coaters for SEM sample prep. Computers for image processing (including 3D reconstruction of TEM and confocal images) and analysis are maintained for student and faculty use. The center provides project consultation and has a skilled staff to assist students and faculty in a wide range of research projects.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to use the FMIC for formal and informal training, and for conducting research. The center offers courses in electron microscopy for graduate and undergraduate students each semester. Faculty and students are welcome to visit the FMIC located on the ground floor of Abelson Hall (103/133 Abelson Hall). If you are interested in using the FMIC for imaging your samples please contact Valerie or Brittney to set up an appointment to discuss your project, sample preparation techniques as well as instrument training and or help.

There is NO application to work in the FMIC, but we do need information from you telling us; who you are, what you work on, and what type of microscopy you would like to use and where to send the bill. FMIC Users are required  fill in a Proposed Research form (see below), and return it via email to the FMIC. Currently we would appreciate emailed PR and Safety forms rather than printed (please send to

Do you have a microscopy project you would like to consult with FMIC staff about, or that you would like to work on in the FMIC?

Inquiries about use, services, courses offered or tours of the facilities can be made by calling (509) 335-3025 or email:, or For questions about billing please call (509)-335-3554.


PAPERWORK REQUIRED TO USE/Visit FMIC (for information only, NOT an application to work in the FMIC):
FMIC Proposed Research & Safety forms for 2024 – 2025 click here



Closed WSU Holidays and December Holiday Reduced Operations.