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Franceschi Microscopy & Imaging Center Franceschi Microscopy & Imaging Center

Leica EM HPM100 High Pressure Freezer with Light Stimulation


Leica EM High Pressure Freeze

Cryo-fixation by High Pressure Freezing is achieved within milliseconds and ensures simultaneous immobilization of all macromolecular components. This technique allows the study of biological samples with improved ultra-structural preservation, and can facilitate the study of dynamic processes.


Leica EM AFS2 Freeze Substitution and Low Temperature Embedding System


Leica EM AFS2

Freeze-substitution is a chemical process of dehydration, performed at temperatures low enough to avoid the formation of ice crystals. During freeze substitution ice in the samples is replaced by an organic solvent and subsequently by resin and may be polymerized at low temperatures or by standard methods.

Leica Auto Freeze Substitution Procedure