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Franceshi Microscopy and Imaging Center Franceschi Microscopy & Imaging Center


Franceschi Microscopy and Imaging Center is named in memory of the late Vincent R. Franceschi (1953-2005) in recognition of his internationally renown research in plant biology and expertise in microscopy and his service to Washington State University as teacher, researcher and mentor, 1982-2005.

He was internationally recognized for his research in plant cell biology through his knowledge of plant anatomy and plant structure-function (in which he was acknowledged to be a foremost authority), and his high level of expertise in microscopy and microtechniques. His wonderful micrographs graced a number of prominent scientific journals, including the cover of Science magazine.

The Microscopy Center at WSU gained international recognition through Vince’s leadership and his own research in several areas: calcium metabolism, photosynthesis and assimilate partitioning, and plant defense. His prominence in these areas is reflected in three major reviews, written during his last two years: Annual Review of Plant Biology 2004, “Single-Cell C4 Photosynthesis Versus the Dual-Cell (Kranz) Paradigm” and 2005, “Calcium Oxalate in Plants: Formation and Function,” and a New Phytologist Tansley Review 2005, “Anatomical and Chemical Defenses of Conifer Bark Against Bark Beetles and Other Pests.”

In addition to his own research program, Vince had an extraordinary record of collaborative research, which included scientists from across the U.S. and world wide, including Argentina, Australia, Chile, Germany, Iran, India, Israel, Korea, Norway and Russia.