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Franceschi Microscopy & Imaging Center Franceschi Microscopy & Imaging Center

Equipment and Service Rates

EquipmentWSU Users - per hour or per run
TEM FEI T20$70
SEM FEI Apreo + EDAX + EBSD$60
SEM FEI Quanta 200F$50
SEM Tescan Vega3 +EDAX$25
Confocal Leica SP-8$50
Confocal Leica SP-5$40
Image Anaylsis Computer with Leitz microscope & Leica Fluoresence, Olympus & Wild$15
Image Processing Computer$15
Microwave, Biowave Tissue Processor$10
High Pressure Freeze Fix, LeicaEM HPM300$176 (LN2) + $6/shot
Auto Freeze Sub, Leica EM$50/run
Ultramicrotome, Reichert-Jung for ultrathin (TEM) resin sections$15
Freeze dryer, FreeZone $15/run
Critical Point Dryer, Samdri-PVT-3B $15/run
Sputter Coater Hi Res Pt/Pd or Cr, Cressington (for EM use only)$18/run
Sputter Coater Technics Hummer V – Gold (for EM use only)$25/run
TXRF TStar$0.50/run/disk or $2.50/run/FMIC disk
Service by FMIC Staff$35
Rates are effective beginning November 2022. Equipment or Service rates for External Non-Industry are WSU rate + 20%, Equipment or Service Industry rate is WSU rate + 100%