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Franceschi Microscopy & Imaging Center Franceschi Microscopy & Imaging Center

FMIC Basics

Online scheduler reservations:

  • Always (day or night) sign up/reserve equipment on our online scheduler
  • Only the person who is signed up for the equipment may use it
  • During peak times advance reservations are not to total more than 6 hours in one week/each instrument – ask staff about exceptions
  • Call 509-335-3025 if you will be more than 15 minutes late – so we don’t cancel your reservation


  • You may only use equipment after you have been trained by FMIC staff
  • Only FMIC staff are allowed to train people to use FMIC equipment


(lab mates, collaborators, colleagues, friends, your PI, non-users)

  • Must have Proposed Research and Safety forms completed (including budget # & PI signature) and turned in to FMIC staff
  • Must complete FMIC Safety Training in order to accompany approved users in labs and microscope rooms
  • Must be accompanied at all times by an FMIC trained user
  • Visitors are not allowed in the FMIC if the staff are not present (ie. after business hours)

Please Remember:

  • DO NOT OPEN the door for anyone after normal business hours for any reason
  • Acknowledgements – please remember to acknowledge the FMIC in your publications, this helps to track the impact of the center and show how instruments and financial support benefit the entire University.
  • Clean up – when done please return equipment to same settings as when you came and tidy your work area
  • Do not eat or drink in the labs or microscope rooms, you are welcome to use the amenities in our conference room